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As a painter, I find it hard to see myself as anything other than a student artist and maybe that's how it should be. This is what I want to grow old doing.
I hope you enjoy my efforts and hopefully I will continue to grow as a painter.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"Winter Visitor"

Here is a sweet little sparrow waiting for his turn at the feeder.  This was painted with acrylics on a 10x10 canvas from a photo taken on the same snowy day of the Cardinal painting.   It was cold and gray and he is fluffier than he would be if it were warmer outside.  I love watching the birds at the feeder.  I recommend having a  bird feeder near a window that you visit a lot.  It's an up close and personal way to view nature in action, plus, the birds crave the food in winter when there is less food to find.  If you have cats, we do, keep them well fed, if you know what I mean.
Two paintings in one week is good for me.  I'd love to paint everyday.  It might be a lofty goal....we'll see.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

"Red Bird of Happiness"
This is my most recent painting.  I have wanted to paint it since last year when we had one of our snow events in Georgia.  It was beautiful and the cardinals along with a slew of other birds were busy feasting at the feeder near my kitchen window.  I was able to snap a few photos of them and this is one of the cardinals.  Red birds are so visually stunning in the winter.  Its painted with acrylics on a 10x10 canvas. The edges are painted in black, so it's ready to hang.
Price: $75